With a capital of 10 thousand, you can play Capsa Susun at the Agen IDN Poker

Surely many are familiar with the game Capsa Susun, which is known as a game that uses 13 cards. The Capsa Susun game is usually played by at least 2 people and the maximum number is 4 people and one of the players will become a dealer or dealer.

But did you know that with only 10 thousand capital, you can play Capsa Susun Online at a trusted Agen IDN Poker. Therefore, those who do not have much capital do not need to worry about not being able to play Capsa Susun.

Because with only a capital of 10 thousand at a trusted Agen IDN Poker like Indipoker, you can play easily and who knows you can be lucky while making big profits. Agen IDN Pokers usually make it easy for members who want to try playing online gambling but are having financial difficulties so they don’t have large capital. Only enough capital of 10 thousand, you can play and try your luck at the game Capsa Susun.

If you immediately play at the table with large bets, the possibility of losing is very large because the capital that is brought in will not be strong to play. Therefore, if you only carry a capital of 10 thousand, you have to find a table that matches your capital.

Playing with small capital is not always a statement that you will lose quickly when playing if you can use your capital properly and have a good strategy. But what is called gambling games does not only use strategies or tricks, but if you are lucky then playing with a capital of 10 thousand can win a large amount.

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As in the game Capsa Susun which is a game that is a little difficult to play, because it not only requires precision in playing but also high luck. So that only 10 thousand capital can actually win quickly.

For those of you who want to try playing Capsa Susun, we will explain a little how to play it. The most important thing in playing capsa susun is that you have to be able to arrange 13 cards and divide them into 3 lines. The way to arrange them is with cards below 5, in the middle of 5 and above 3.

The arrangement of the cards must be based on the biggest to the smallest card combination and don’t get them wrong, because it is guaranteed that other players can lose. That’s why the game of Capsa Susun is very important to be able to arrange card combinations quickly and have the ability to look for wins with less good cards.

If you really intend to try to play Capsa Susun with a capital of 10 thousand, we recommend that you follow the tips that we will provide that can help you win easily. Using small capital is very challenging but also provides experience on how to maintain capital without losing. Here are the tips.

1. Prepare a Good Strategy

The capsa susun game is a card gambling that can be said to be very fast with a turnover of capital. Where the player’s victories and weaknesses will be very clear per game. That’s why preparing a strategy before playing is something you have to do if you want to win, especially if you play with small capital.

Playing capsa stacking with small capital is very easy to go bankrupt in 1 game, especially if at the beginning of the game a bad card is immediately given by the dealer. One strategy that you can use when playing with small capital is to prioritize winning 2 of 3 cards, so that your capital will remain intact and win little by little.

2. Play Patiently

Playing Capsa Susun will make it easy for gamblers to get emotional if they are never given a winning card or a special card. If you play gambling, you can feel very emotional to lose because of trivial things such as a wrong arrangement.

Therefore, if you are in a difficult position to win by playing patiently and consistently. Especially if you are playing with a small capital, there will be a big possibility of bankruptcy if you play with a hot head.

3. Learn from Experience

Just like humans can correct their mistakes because of the experience they have. You can play with small capital and win large amounts if you already have experience with continuous play.

Because having experience is a great weapon in finding ways to win when you play with small capital. Of course this can make your opponent confused and how to play a mess which is very profitable for you.