How to Calculate Mix Parlay Betting and Tricks to Win Continuously

Judi Bola – Judi Bola is very popular among the local community and even throughout the world. Because Judi Bola is now very easy to find with Judi Online. In addition, this online Judi Bola player is greatly facilitated by the service that will greatly assist them in the process of registering / registering until the process of the gambling game.

One of the most popular types of Judi Bola games is mix parlay. Where the mix parlay is a combination of bets from several teams. The jackpot that is given from the mix parlay is certainly very tempting. Before you do the Mixparlay Judi Online Game, of course you have to understand how to calculate the mixparlay correctly.

How to Calculate Mix Parlay Gambling

• The total number of times the odds must be reduced by 1, then multiplied by the stake placed.
• If there is a match that is a draw, it is not included in multiplication, aka eliminated.
• If one of the matches wins half, then the total match odds are calculated as follows ((Odds – 1): 2 + 1).
• An event that loses half, then the multiplication of the odds is calculated only for the winning match and then divided by two.
• If there is a match or the match is completely lost, then your mix parlay will automatically be void.

For the conditions for installing the online mix parlay gambling game itself, it can be combined. Either you install Handicap, Over under, guess the score or outright bias in combos in the mixparlay. Oh yes, something must be underlined that the mix parlay must at least guess 3 teams to be packaged in one ticket bet.
Apart from being an alternative to getting millions of rupiah instantly, mix parlay gambling can also be used as your regular side income. How to? Now the admin will share a few tricks this time in the mixparlay Judi Online game.

How to Win Mix Parlay Continuously

We have surveyed this step as a smart step in making mix parlay bets. Why? We just think rationally, just guessing 1 team sometimes you will experience losses, what about at least 3 teams right? Now here Amdin suggests the online mix parlay gambling game plus you also place a single bet on the bet. With calculations like the following if you don’t want to experience losses.

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Mix parlay bet IDR 100,000 and Single Bet IDR 200,000 each, if for example someone loses one, you still have a profit from a single bet with a profit of IDR 300,000. You can try this trick and apply it to get side money from the mixparlay Judi Bola game.